Monday, March 22, 2010

My secret mistake- giving you a second chance. I knew you were a horrible friend, but I chose to put everything I had into you once again. Shame on me, then. You messed with me once, and that was your fault. You messed with me again, and it was in my hands. I shouldn't have trusted you. And My biggest mistake is still wanting to befriend you, although I know how horrible you are.


Anonymous said...

My biggest mistake was cutting my wrists, just so that you would notice and acknowledge the impact your comments had on me.

That even though you said you were kidding, I went home and used my fathers razorblade to try and block out all the silent remarks you constantly made about my weigth and looks.

That you saw the scars on my arms and ignored them. After a while you simply stopped calling.

I regret listening to you complain about your love problems and how "though" your life was and never having the guts to tell you about the abuse, the drugs, the voilence and what happend to me during those 176 days in the hospital.

16 f from Norway.

Anonymous said...

that same thing happened to me i trusted someone over and over again until they old everyone everything.